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Lagarde predicts Sluggish, Uneven Growth in Global Economy






According to the head of International Monetary Fund, they think that the world’s economy might getting bad in 2015 due to problems like European’s emigrant issue, China’s economic system, and American’s increase interest rate.

Christine Lagarde, the fund’s managing director, made a speech. She said that some developed countries might revive, but some of the developing would need few years to recover. Ms.Lagarde thought that inefficient productivity, aging people, and 2008 recession are the reason caused the global economic problems. Even though India has a good future, Latin America countries like Russia and Brazil are actually became worse, which make the economy uneven. Ms.Lagarde also mentioned that two major transition are part of reason slow the economy down. First one is China is reforming its new economic system, and second one is U.S first time in recent year to raise the interest rate.

This article is relate to the course content since it talks about the globalization and corporation between countries, and how their decisions influence each other.

After I read the article, I think that people should not only think about their own countries’ good because only if they corporate with each other, they will make bigger profits in order to let the world develop.




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