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21st Century Globalization

Globalization currently features in my life almost solely at the specifically the company and industry level. The Globalization of goods and services has sky rocketed in our generation’s lifetime and can be seen specifically with China’s increase in foreign investments. Although it is harder for someone my age to see first hand the increase of foreign products, the graphs and charts provided in the modules clearly show the expanding international markets. I specifically saw Globalization on the company level when I traveled to Spain this past spring break. I saw many similar goods and services I would see here in the United States such as McDonalds, Mobile, candies, and clothing. Globalization is allowing our world to become more connected as companies and industries lay their imprint around the globe.

After talking with my father about his work and how globalization has influenced his job I learned about how his company has expanded. Globalization has allowed for his company State Street Bank to provide its services globally with offices in London, Tokyo, Toronto, Sydney, and Boston. He said ‘this allows us to expand our customer base and provide our services to people across the world”. His company has allowed him to travel to a couple of these locations on business trips and experience how his company works in these other locations. I hope that in the future I can enjoy these experiences and witness globalization from the inside as my father does.

Globalization without a doubt has made our world a better place as a whole, however, it is making some countries reliant on others. Countries that excel in one field or have one rare resource has used that one thing to get many other good or services. As a result, one small change or disaster could end up being the downfall of a whole economy. 

By Kurt Kennelly

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