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Drone-for-Hire Business Makes Big Bet on Industry

Drone-for-Hire Business Makes Big Bet on Industry

Drones are gaining popularity as new applications for this device has been designed and more legal acceptance it acquires. Venture Capital firms such as Accel Paetners and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and companies such as GoPro and Amazon have invested hundreds of millions on this unmanned aircraft with the hope that it will turns into a big and profitable business. Recently, Robert Wolf, one of the shareholders of Drones and the financer who is a confidant of president Obama, has raised his bets on this product. He is spinning off its drone services into the creation of a separate company, “Measure”. Wolf places confidence that this device will appeal to a great number of customers, especially those in the agricultural and oil field which uses air pictures technology. This company created a fleet of aircraft that could be flown on behalf of customers. Besides, Measure and its team has focused its actions on the benefits that this product can generate to its customers such as studying how the aircraft can help the Red Cross to rescue and recovery efforts in disaster zones. Moreover, it has persistently lobbied the federal Aviation Administration to expand its drone guidelines to its vision of a broad vision.

Wolf expressed that he is trying to “…fulfill something that doesn’t exist around the world.” Drone start-ups raised $107 million last year, and by June of this year, they surpassed the $172 million.

Drone have evident benefits which includes monitoring agricultural activities, filming protests for media coverage, gathering information on drug trafficking and rebel groups, monitoring deforestation, and to control illegal migration. Nonetheless, the challenge begins when we have to balance out this benefits compared to its disadvantages such as the military implications and the lack of regulations to control it.

Do you think that this could be the new revolution in technology?

Source: The New York Times 

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