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5G-The future is here.(Michael Sivin)

The next generation of mobile networks 5G, will change everything in terms of speed, connectivity, and how anything with a wireless connection speaks to each other. The ground breaking speeds of 5G will be around 20 Gbps, which in comparison to 4G’s 10-20 MB is over twenty times faster than the previous generation. 4G allowed you to stream one Netflix movie in HD, while 5G will allow you to stream 400 movies in 8K at the same time. The most interesting factor of new 5G technology is its extremely low latency rate which is the delay between sending and receiving information. 4G had an average latency rate of 200 milliseconds which is pretty fast, but compared to 5G with a latency rate of 1 millisecond; which is almost sending and receiving data in real time. Having network speeds at real time will allow us to use 5G to replace real time interactions. This will essentially rid the world of lag between people, objects, and interactions allowing for people in VR to control objectives with multiple people simultaneously, or even using a headset and driving a car somewhere else in the world in real time in real life. The most significant impact of 5G will be in driving automobiles and the future of full autonomous vehicles. It would be a network of self driving cars all sending and receiving data from traffic lights, road sensors, and even drones all in real time. This would allow your car to react and communicate with many other cars within one millisecond. Not only would this end accidents, but it would end traffic all together. Autonomous cars, trains, delivery trucks, and even aircrafts are all within our grasp. 5G will drastically change the way we go about our daily lives, and make a variety of tasks quicker and more efficient. 5G is expected to be accessible mid 2020, and will take a few months to years before all of its kinks are worked out. The future is among us, and 5G will open our minds to endless and new capabilities that were out of reach before.

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