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A Fake Cure and A Fake Story

               An example of a fake article by 20th Century Fox created.


What I am going to be discussing is how the Utah Senator introduced a bill to jail and publicly shame women who receive abortions. After hearing what I said, who believes that this is actually real news? This is actually one fake article that 20th Century Fox used to attract people to their new movie, A Cure for Wellness.

An article published yesterday in the New York Times addresses how 20th Century Fox made fake news relating to politics to market their new movie. The movie is about a fake cure that makes people actually sicker, so to market the movie, 20th Century Fox created a fake wellness site and fake news.

Fox created around five fake news websites that were similar to other media websites. With the similarities between websites, people were believing that these news stories were real and then sharing them on social media.

Lynn Walsh, the President of the Society of Professional Journalists, stated that “we have the right to speak and publish information freely” but 20th Century Fox and other companies should properly label whether the news is fake.

I personally agree with Walsh that a company should not provide fake news without explicitly stating that it is fake news. There is already so much fake news that passes throughout social media, so I do not understand the point of a large company doing that and tricking their clients. I do not think it is ethical.

Do you guys think that 20th Century Fox did nothing wrong?

Original Story: “20th Century Fox Used Fake News to Publicize ‘A Cure for Wellness’” NYT, Feb 15, 2017

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