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A.I. in the Future

The technology or innovation that I feel will have the most significant consequences for global society is artificial intelligence. Over the last several years, the field of artificial intelligence has seen many advances. This is partly due to the increase in the efficiency of systems and tools available. According to one Forbes article cited below, “next-generation computer architecture” is one of the top factors propelling advancements in artificial intelligence.

Does artificial intelligence promise positive or negative consequences for society? In my opinion, artificial intelligence will be disruptive but ultimately bring about positive change. Will artificial intelligence end some people’s way of life? Most certainly. It is highly likely that within the next couple of decades, any monotonous job that doesn’t require human intellect may be replaced by automated alternatives, as is written in the “One Hundred Year Study on Artificial Intelligence” overseen by Stanford University [2]. However, this won’t necessarily result in an overall negative effect. Just like the printing press disrupted traditional scribes’ way of life, and likewise the industrial revolution with many mechanical jobs, Al will disrupt some jobs. However, it will also bring about leaps in efficiency, just as the printing press brought about efficient publication and promoted the worldwide sharing of knowledge.

When it comes to our lives, artificial intelligence will allow us to save time that we now spend in the more mundane things. Imagine having a robot, or more generally an automated machine, that does the chores around the home. Artificial intelligence will also save more lives. Even today, certain surgical procedures are performed by robots because they’re less error-prone than humans. According to an article published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, artificial intelligence systems perform surgeries more precisely than human surgeons [3]. This is just one amongst many positives brought forth by artificial intelligence in the near future.


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