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A man’s best friend: Rami Mamlouk Newstalk 1

Imagine sitting in your home, and having the ability to give commands to a little speaker in your home. This device allows you to use voice recognition, play music, make calls, and much more. You can access all these features at the low price of 49.99. Sounds like a bargain, right?

How many people here have heard of the Google Home Mini?
When it was originally presented to the public, there was a buzz amongst the tech world, a new product that would revolutionize the market.
Early last week, it was presented in San Francisco, and members of the press took it home to experiment it.

To the shock of many, it was discovered that there was a bug in the technology and that the google home device was saving audio and eavesdropping on customers. Whenever the words “OK google” weren’t used, the recordings were saved.

Google originally responded to this issue by stating that they could not fix the bug directly, but they sent out a software update to treat the issue.

There is a larger version of this speaker, and it is reported that it does not contain the same bug.

This issue seems to be recurring and it is a topic that is being debated around the world:
Devices with wake words seem to be causing a lot of controversy:

THe amazon echo, Siri, google home. People are arguing that there is a common trend, and that privacy tends to be breached.

This is similar to what we have discussed in class, with the issue of privacy and ethics. I personally don’t believe that it is justified to have our privacy breached due to a “technology flaw”, and if I am going to be paying for the services, I would like to enjoy it without feeling unsafe. It should never be justified to eavesdrop.

For those of you who have the tendency to use these applications or devices, do you feel safe?


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