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In a recent interview with Forbes, Daniel Lubetzky – CEO and Founder of KIND – stated that he is championing for strengthening relations between a business, its employees, and its local community.


Lubetzky has implemented certain programs to maintain employees’ level of happiness and to show how their good deeds inside and outside of work are appreciated and valued. Kindos is an email system that any employee can use to congratulate a colleague in real time on any deed, big or small, in real time. Lubetzky claims that it helps breed a familial work environment and it helps people celebrate and more regularly spot opportunities to be good humans. Furthermore, he maintains that everyone in the community feels like co-owners, much as we would in a family, rather than just colleagues.


Another congratulatory system Lubetzky has come up with is #kindawesome cards. Certain people in the company – including Lubetzky – own these cards which they can give out to whomever they deem fit, whether it’s a friend, colleague, or stranger. The card signifies that the recipient is being acknowledged for their good deeds in the work place and/or community. Along with the card, the recipient also receives a gift basket, and another #kindawesome card to pass along to someone else they deem fit.


Pictured: Daniel Lubetzky (Courtesy of KIND)

The championing CEO does not stop there, however, he also believes in giving back to the community. To do this, he holds a monthly meeting where anyone can share and upload promising charity. The charities are put up to a vote, and winners are supported with grants and staff time. So the ideas come from the community, and the way you get to vote is by pledging an act of kindness yourself. This brings the business and the local community closer together.


Lubetzky realizes the advantages to using kindness in his business, and promoting a sense of community rather than an apathetic work atmosphere. He’s trying to start a movement, and get other major businesses to join him. We hope that they follow Mr. Lubetzky’s model and hold themselves to a higher standard.


Jonathan Abraham


Forbes Magazine: http://www.forbes.com/sites/ashoka/2016/02/17/meet-the-ceo-who-is-championing-kindness-and-whose-company-runs-on-it/2/#735a48fd4d0c

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