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About Us



GbizQ is a forum for a high signal-to-noise ratio conversation about global business. We like to think of it as a publication with a pre-frontal cortex and a soul. With a touch of whimsy.

We love people like John Nash, Nikola Tesla and Sun Tzu. Admire the likes of Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Warren Buffet, Nicolas Negroponte, Akio Morita and Walt Disney. Devour books like Future Shock and Freakonomics. Plus binge on Monty Python, Dilbert and Benny Hill. But we draw the line well before Adam Sandler. You get the idea…

At GbizQ we discuss contemporary issues in the world of business – the friction-less movement of capital, information, goods and labor across geographic borders, the rise of firms that move swiftly to capture mind share and market share, new technologies that redraw the geographic locus of innovation. And much more. We bring research, a view of history and thoughtfulness to the table. We will be passionately rational but not take ourselves too seriously. That’s a promise.

Join us. Lets turn up the conversation all the way to 11.