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AI is today not tomorrow

The idea of AI (Artificial Intelligence) has been growing more and more than ever. Over 1.9 million people use Amazon’s smart “Alexa”, a form of AI, everyday which uses and has over 5,000 skills growing daily. We often see advancement’s in AI in everyday media, but it is coming sooner than we think so.


Just as marketers have discovered the power of chatbots to personalize a shopping experience, HR leaders are starting to pilot chatbots to transform the employee experience. For example, a University professor launched a chatbox for students to use out of a pilot course in order to take place of a teaching assistant. The assistant is used to be asked for easy questions at any time of day, especially for those taking online courses.

In the HR department, workers are using pilot chatboxes in order to have simple questions answered that HR might not have time for. This was created to help ease a typical work day so less time is used and more effort into a work day is not wasted by questions that could be answered online.


Investment in AI has accelerated from $282 million in 2011 to $2.4 billion in 2015, a 746% increase in five years.

We all are comfortable using electronics everyday, but how comfortable are you with switching over to having online teaching assistants, shoppers, etc.

Researchers in science, particularly Stephen Hawking, are questioning what AI will do and if it will become detrimental to society at one point. Hawking says, “We cannot quite know what will happen if a machine exceeds our own intelligence, so we can’t know if we’ll be infinitely helped by it, or ignored by it and sidelined, or conceivably destroyed by it.”


So what do you think? Are these all advances, or do you see it as a setback in a technologically advancing society?


Original Story: http://scipol.duke.edu/content/future-work-intersection-artificial-intelligence-and-human-resources

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