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Amazon and the Cloud

by Kyle Boyd

One major technological innovation that I foresee becoming a large part of our society is cloud computing. What most people know as “the cloud”, cloud computing is the idea that you can store and process data on remote servers outside of your own device. It’s used very commonly today on the iPhone to backup the phone’s files without having to plug it into your computer, but in the business world, many companies are starting to use Amazon Web Services and the capabilities they offer with cloud computing. We see it growing very rapidly globally through the services that Amazon offers and we are starting to see it leak into different areas of life, like gaming, where companies are talking about eventually making it possible to play games without owning a console by streaming from a console in a remote location using cloud computing. As consumers become more and more used to staying in one place (using products like Amazon) and become more comfortable with cloud technology, the need for it will increase rapidly and many aspects of our lives will be changed by it.

Cloud computing will most likely change as many aspects of our technological life as it can. As shown through the example I gave with gaming, it can affect many things in bizarre ways you wouldn’t have thought of. If I had told you 20 years ago that you can play a game on a console while its miles away, you would have thought I was joking. In fact, many people did back in the 2000s when this technology was first talked about. So this technology will most likely contribute to making society more sedentary and require less personal ownership over many things, similar to how Netflix made it so that you didn’t have to own movies to stream them, soon you won’t even have to own a desktop (just a monitor) in order to use it.

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