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Amazon Announces Search for New ‘HQ2’

Seattle, Wash – Jeff Bezos has recently announced plans for Amazon to build a new secondary headquarters in a city to be announced. This announcement has opened a bidding war amongst American cities, each offering everything they’ve got to catch the eye of the tech giant.

Amazon’s business will come with some requirements. The bidding cities must be a metropolitan area with more than one million residents, have on-site access to mass transit, a commute of 45 minutes or less to an international airport, and must be within two miles of a highway or major arterial road. The request for proposal also asks that bidders provide evidence of fiber optic internet connections and a coverage map showing strong cellular service at the location. The RFP also requests traffic congestion figures, lists of local universities, and statistics on the qualifications of the local workforce. Importantly, Amazon does not want to stray too far from their Seattle-esque lifestyle. Their future location will likely provide similar recreational activities and “young” lifestyle that their current headquarters location offers.

The new ‘HQ2,’ as the company is referring to it as, will provide a nearly-certain boom for whichever city is able to win the bid. Amazon announced that it will anticipate a bill that will surpass $5 billion to build the new campus. In addition, the company has promised to employ 50,000 individuals at this new location. With such promising qualities, cities have flooded Amazon with campaigns to attract its business. Such benefits from different cities include massive tax breaks from New Jersey and a high-speed rail line from Dallas. The towns of Frisco, Texas and Stonecrest, Georgia both offered to rename their city to Amazon along with the offer for Amazon to build an entirely new city for its personal use.

As the bids continue to roll in, Amazon will keep searching for its perfect candidate city. So far, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, Washington, Boston, and Pittsburgh are considered potential frontrunners. This can be the deal of the century for these cities, and the benefits that come will prove to be vast.


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