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Amazon Go: Food Shopping Made Easy

Trevor Pollack

Amazon Go: Food Shopping Made Easy

It’s not that grocery shopping is difficult, but it usually takes more time than anyone would like. The process of grocery shopping has been the same since the establishment of supermarkets when the Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company was started (1859), as stated by Groceteria. As a customer this process includes putting the groceries in your cart, unloading the cart, waiting on line at checkout, and then giving the groceries to the store clerk to scan, and finally purchasing. In order to save time, recently Target and other supermarkets across the country have tried to change this process by implementing self-checkout machines. However, most customers feel as if they’re doing too much work and wasting their valuable time by individually scanning each grocery they wish to purchase. This is where Amazon comes in, Amazon has created an efficient store that uses special technology that eliminates the time consuming process of food shopping.

Amazon is calling their new store Amazon Go, which attempts to speed up the process of food shopping and eliminates checkout lines. Fortune states, “Amazon Go requires shoppers to scan their smartphones upon entering the store, and the company’s “just walk out” technology will detect when products are taken off shelves (or returned to shelves) and keeps track of what is in your virtual cart through these smartphones. When a shopper is done shopping, he/she leaves the store, and the company will charge  your Amazon.com account.” Through the use of artificial intelligence and a mobile smart phone app, Amazon is changing the game and essentially making grocery shopping that much easier. In today’s society, the best innovations seem to be the ideas that makes everyone’s lives easier in the most efficient and timeless way possible.

I believe that this brilliant and innovative technology will catch on to the rest of the supermarket industry and will eventually create a better food shopping atmosphere across the nation. Although there are a lot of benefits from this technology it also has one major consequence; hundreds of thousands of employees that work in the supermarket industry will be rendered useless. Although this innovation will make life easier for most food shoppers, it will lead to unemployment for supermarket employees.


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