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How many people here use Amazon? Probably a lot. I know I use it for almost everything.

My article is from Quartz and it’s called “Amazon is now literally building its way into people’s lives,” and they’re not doing this by drone, but physically. On October 17th it was reported that Amazon had signed contracts with more than 850,000 apartment complex managers and owners in the United States to install Amazon lockers. These lockers will be set up by Amazon to receive deliveries sold or fulfilled by Amazon. They’re calling this new program “Amazon Hub.”

The program has been around for several years but was only used by commercial businesses like pharmacies and groceries. Amazon Hub is only available to apartment residents, who will get a code when they receive a package and will then be able to open one of the lockers. Residents will initially pay $10,000 to $20,000 to buy a locker and will not have to pay a monthly fee, but many landlords are saying that they’ll offer the lockers as amenities.

The landlords are hoping to make back some of that cost in savings on staff labor. Many landlords are struggling to keep up with online deliveries and they’re hoping that Amazon Hub will help them and their staff. Two years ago, Camden Property Trust stopped accepting packages at all 169 of its properties after receiving nearly 1 million packages in 2014. Executives estimated that each package resulted in 10 minutes of lost productivity and cost $3.3 million in annual employee wages.

Amazon is always trying to get packages from the warehouse to customers in a faster more efficient way and they are reportedly working on smart license plates that allow packages to be delivered to car trunks. They are also working on a smart doorbell that gives delivery drivers one time access to homes to complete deliveries. Amazon’s competitor, Walmart, is working on a smart lock service that lets workers deliver groceries directly into a customer’s fridge.

I believe that if Amazon Hub will help cut down on lost wages and lost productivity, it’s a great service. It seems a lot easier for an Amazon employee to directly deliver packages to a locker, rather than having an employee of the apartment complex process the package and then deliver it to the customer. I don’t understand why it’s such an expensive system and it seems like it’s just going to be available for higher end apartments, which is a disappointment. I don’t support the other systems that Amazon is reportedly working on. I personally don’t feel comfortable with a stranger having even one time access to my home.

My questions to everyone are, what do you think the pros and cons are of Amazon Hub and what do you think about of Amazon’s other plans?

Article Link:

Griswold, Allison. “Amazon is now literally building its way into people’s lives.” Quartz. October 17, 2017. Link



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