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Amazon v. Alabama: The Grueling Union Vote still up in Arms

CJ Oravec – April 5th, 2021

Washington, D.C.

Amazon Facility in Bessemer, Alabama

In Bessemer, Alabama, over 6,000 Amazon workers are fighting to unionize and regain some of their working rights back. Employees in the Amazon facility cast their vote on March 29th, but it could take up to a week (if not more) for the National Labor Relations Board to count through all of the votes. 

The workers at the southern Amazon Factory are rallying for Amazon to give employees more break time, higher pay, and to be treated with the dignity and respect that they deserve. Currently, workers have a 10-hour workday with only two designated breaks in between the day. 

Amazon has made a statement saying their employees are paid significantly above the minimum wage in Alabama, workers receive healthcare and other benefits without paying a union due. 

Amazon has the power to contest any of the votes casted at the end of last month for multiple reason and any contested vote with be unopened and uncounted. We still do not know if results have been tallied nor when then an announcement will be made. 

If the workers win and begin to unionize, Amazon has to begin filing a contract with the New York based Retail, Wholesale, and Department Store Union. Amazon could also choose to close down the facility, a similar move made by Walmart in 2005 when over 200 workers we close to unionizing.

If workers lose, they can file a claim for unfair labor practices against Amazon in court. 

As of now, many things are up in the air as no word on the vote has been announced.

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