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Amazonification in Retail industry


Retail industry is facing global crisis and this recession hits everywhere. Small shops are closing permanently and laying off their workers because they can’t afford them and other huge retail companies are doing the same as most of their business is shut down. However, ecommerce is the only kind that is benefiting from this crisis, especially Amazon is. This article says that corona virus is speeding up the Amazonification in retail industry and addresses a warning. The author says that Amazonification would increase precarious and unstable jobs as high unemployment rate forces workers to accept low wage and dangerous working conditions including the possibility of getting infected by COVID 19. He insists the outbreak of coronavirus accelerates the monopoly of Amazon on both labor market and retail platforms. Furthermore, as Amazon is heading toward the automation of their retail process, the total number of jobs would decrease.

The experts ask “what is next?”. If Amazonification is completed during the corona virus outbreak, workers would not be able to go back to normal, even after everything is settled. They say this recession is different from the past ones because robots might replace human labors and there is no place to go back for humans.

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