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Amazon’s Living Lab: Reimagining Retail on Seattle Streets

Amazon has been using its hometown of Seattle to test out new ideas. The company has opened up bookstores and what it likes to call Amazon Go, which is a convenience-store where customers can check out using their smartphones. Amazon also has a “Treasure Truck” roaming around the city during flash sales where customers can buy anything from steaks to game consoles. The latest concept by Amazon is a driveway with a series of parking stalls where customers will go to pick up their items after they have ordered them online. Due to Amazon’s ventures, thousands of new jobs  and a booming economy have been created for the people of Seattle. The success the different stores have had has allowed Amazon to expand these stores in other cities throughout the country. Since Amazon is already widely popular with people online, local business owners in Seattle should be a little worried that Amazon is going to take away their customers.

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