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Amazon’s New COVID Friendly Payment Method

From “Amazon’s New Payment System Lets You Pay With Your Palms” How Does ‘Amazon One’ Work? Is it safe?” Published on September 29, 2020

Today we are living in a world full of fear, simple concepts such as paying for your groceries has become concerning especially for those at risk of contracting COVID-19. Now Amazon claims to have created the most COVID friendly payment mechanism seen yet, a contactless pay with your palms mechanism that avoids any touch of cash or credit card verifying devices. 

This week certain Amazon Go stores are set to release this new technology called Amazon One. Amazon One is a payment tool that you insert your credit card into, but then verify your payment through a palm reader. Dilip Kumar, Amazon’s vice president of physical retail and technology said that this technology “can scan more accurately than other biometrics measures.” This ensures a contactless payment that is exceptionally valuable during the Coronavirus pandemic. This technology was patented late last year so its creation was no surprise and couldn’t have come at a better time for the world. 

All that being said there are still several criticisms for this technology, firstly, the biometric privacy breach that occurs when each customer purchases their item. Many people already criticize Amazon’s facial recognition software, and considering the highly appraised biometric software on Amazon One, this is quite the concern for some people. To answer this concern Amazon has assured customers that the data will be encrypted and saved online, not shared with the stores. Another criticism that I personally have is why this technology is only being used in Amazon Go stores instead of being shared or bought for the protection of everyone going to stores during this pandemic? While good business obviously means keeping your technology for yourself, I would argue this technology, after a trial period, should be shared as it is such a COVID friendly instrument. 

Overall, the importance of this technology is that it shows how business is keeping up with the technological age to increase their profits and make day to day life safer and easier for all. 

Written by: Sierra Meredith

Original Source:

Pancho, Jamie. “Amazon Introduces ‘Amazon One’ That Lets You Pay Through Scanning Hands.” Tech Times, September 29, 2020.   https://www.techtimes.com/articles/252928/20200929/amazon-introduces-new-hand-payment-system-how-does-amazon-one-works.htm

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