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American University calls off fraternity fund raiser

American University has canceled a fraternity organization due to complaints of cultural appropriation. Sigma Alpha Nu, a fraternity at AU, was going to throw a philanthropy event this semester to raise money for vets. The fraternity wanted to do a sports game to get teams from AU involved so they decided to do badminton. Someone from the fraternity though that it would be a fun play on words to call it “Bad(mitton) and Boujee” which generated a lot of excitement among most AU students. However, the university did not think that this was clever, Colin Gerker, assistant director of fraternity and sorority life sent an email on March 30, saying he thought “that this event name will be criticized for the use of ‘boujee.’ He told the fraternity that they would have to rename the event because of email complaints of appropriating culture.


“Boujee” is an abbreviated slang term that comes from the word “bourgeois.” The fraternity was surprised and because cultural appropriation is a term to refer to culture but boujee has no certain ethnicity or culture attached to it. Did American University has a business essentially act correctly and fairly? I call American University a business because we as students are giving them our money for a good education and for a University to make good calls on decisions. American did not make a smart for doing this because attention and circulation about this issue could have been avoided if they decided to keep something that shouldn’t have been canceled.




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