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American woman at German resort allegedly spread COVID-19 to at least 59 people

A 26 year old american woman who works at a U.S. Department of Defense owned resort, “Edelweiss Lodge and Resort” has been implicated in a case of covid spreading. After a trip to Greece, she returned with a sore throat and decided to get a Covid test. Before receiving results, she decided to go on a bar crawl around Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria where the lodge is located. This lead to the direct exposure of 59 people and countless more un-verified.

The consequences for her actions fit the crime. The lodge she works at has shut down for a 2 week quarantine. A 10 pm curfew has also been implemented as well as a restriction on all gatherings to 5 people outside.  The German/Bavarian fine for breaking Covid regulations is €2,000 however, it is possible that she could face harsher punishment if businesses are affected or death occurs. 

With Covid-19’s deadly impact on the world this case paints a picture of Americans as irresponsible. In relation to social responsibility and ethics, this begs the question of if businesses are responsible for the actions of their employees. With the amount of harm this caused, should the Edelweiss lodge be held responsible for not quarantining her after her exposure to Covid-19?

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