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Analysts Already Cool on Snapchat After Hot IPO

This article talks about how Snap Inc., owner of Snapchat, went from a private company to a public one. They had an IPO on Thursday, which is where they decided that they start selling stocks on the public market. Initially, the price of the stock was $17, but raised to $24.48 by the end of the first day. The article analyzes this, stating that the price should actually be $16 as a true marker value. It is therefore predicted that the stock price will eventually go lower. It also is said that it should have a lower stock price because it is harder to advertise on Snapchat than it is on Facebook for example. The ads on Snapchat are not tailored to the user, as they are on Facebook. This could mean that Snapchat does not have the capability to make as much money per user as Facebook does. By becoming public, Snap Inc. is interacting more with society, which relates back to this class. However, there are no voting rights for these new stockholders. Is this ethical? Should you have a say in how a company is run if you own a stock within it?

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