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Apple and Consumerism

Apple and Consumerism

Apple has been pushing out new iPhones one a year every year for the last 10 years. Apple has created a cult of people who will who will wait in line for hours or even days, all so they can buy the newest iPhone or apple technology. Even if the iPhone is full of flaws including bugs and software issues people will still flock to the Apple Store. Die hard tech fans will do anything to have the newest piece of technology. Is this an unethical practice preformed by apple. Apple is convincing people to buy new phones to people who do not really need a new phone creating a lot of waste. When a new iPhone comes out everyone who rushes to buy the phone gets rid of their last iPhone and this waste is very bad for the environment as iPhone use a lot of metals. Also when apple releases a new phone everyone feels obligated to buy, even people who can not afford them. Apples marketing takes advantage of people legally and strategically draws people in. Apple often pushes out products before they are completely glitch free. When apple released IOS 11 it took four updates to fix all of the bugs. Apple creates an impression of “no Problems here” while releasing quick bug fixes which usually don’t fix the problem creating a bad look for apple. Apple forced out the iPhone X hoping it would make up for the weak iPhone 8 and 8 plus sales. Is this an obsession with technology coupled with bad consumerism.



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