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Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon Support Renewable Energy Sources

Have you ever wondered how corporations like Apple, who create numerous technological innovations yearly, ensure that they contribute to help protect the environment?

Although technology makes our lives more efficient, the goal of these technological advancements is usually not to protect or save our environment. However, businesses are still responsible for protecting the earth’s ecosystem because there are many impacts on the environment from the products and services companies create. It is also important for businesses to comply with the codes of environmental conduct because the goods that benefit society should not take away from the environment.  EPA-Logo130418 102018310-452018103.1910x1000

After the White House and Environmental Protection Agency’s plans for reducing carbon dioxide emissions became unstable in court, Apple, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft submitted a joint legal brief to support the EPA’s Clean Power Plan. These companies supported the Clean Power Plan under which new emission regulations would be placed. The Clean Power Plan would cut carbon pollution 32% below 2005 levels by 2030. According to the brief, delaying action would be costly economically and environmentally. Approving and expediting the transition into approving the new plan would improve public health, the environment, stimulate economic growth, and help prevent natural disasters. The 27 states that challenge the Clean Power Plan argue that this plan is burdensome and would allow the EPA to overstep its limits and authority.

Apple, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are leaders of the technology-based society we live in today; thus, their support would inspire other companies to also want to switch to emissions-free energy. These companies argue that they have been trying to switch to renewable energy for years anyways, so this plan would help them achieve their sustainability goals. Not only do these companies have the financial means to do so, they also have the responsibility to raise awareness of the negative impact of coal and other polluting energy sources. These companies support for switching to renewable energy shows how their responsibility goes beyond just satisfying their customers. It exceeds to also satisfy and protect the environment, which has made it possible for them to do business. The four companies believe they can convince the DC federal court of Appeals because they are the “major purchasers of electricity” who will use renewable sources greatly in the future. The case is still open and arguments are scheduled for June 2, 2016. It is likely that the case will result in a split decision by the Supreme Court; thus, the DC court may decide the end result of this plan.

This relates to the concept of creating an environmentally sustainable society in which the basic needs of a society are met without compromising future generations’ ability to meet those same needs. It is important for companies to work in an environment that shows respect for its stakeholders and planet.





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