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Apple’s ad blocking moves aimed at Google?

Apple is trying to take a step to include and improve ad blocking software in its App store, which had threatened threatened the digital media and the advertisment industry.

This step will affect publishers such as CNBC that uses ad revenue to pay for its content. Furthermore, it will for sure break one of the biggest ad serving companies “AdSense”, which is owned by one of the Apple’s biggest competitor, which is Google.

Apple could take this position, since their company isn’t dependent on advertising. Furthermore, many ad serving companies have no idea that their ads does not show up, since Apple’s consumers are the people who blocks them, which takes a toll of their revenue by cutting them.

It is Ad serving that is a faulty model to start with, since their ads prevents to what people are trying to get to, such as the pop-ups that takes over the whole web page and has no exit sign on it.

What Vivoom is trying to manage, which the ad blocking companies should try to do is ways they can advertise without preventing people to get to what they need such as native advertising and brand-created content.

Google is trying to pay ad blocking companies such as AdBlock Plus and Eyeo in order for their ads to appear, which is one way for them to survive. Furthermore, as Google mentioned that Apple is one of their largest partners and vice versa, as they mentioned the search on Safari and IOS is powered by Google. Furthermore, Google encouraged that they should work together and try to create new ways to prevent those unsatisfied decisions.




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