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Apple’s New Privacy Policy with iOS 14 Update

CJ Oravec – February 21st, 2021

Source: CNet

Apple has recently unveiled a new privacy policy when it comes to data-tracking across websites and platforms on their devices. 

The feature, App Tracking Transparency (or ATT), is Apple’s way of allowing the user to decide whether or not they want their actions to be tracked, instead of just accepting that they were already being tracked previously. 

As of now, most ads that are personalized or targeted to you are based off of data collected through the IDFA, which tracks you without necessarily revealing private, personal information about you.

Apple’s overarching goal is to provide transparency throughout the entire process, making you the decider on whether you want to be tracked or not.

Many platform giants, including Facebook and Google, have been outwardly against this latest iOS update, citing that using data collected from individuals is what makes many consumer’s online experience much more personalized to them specifically.

As a consumer, I think Apple’s latest privacy policy is a a great step forward in allowing individuals to choose not to be tracked and be in charge of their movements online.

As someone who works in the data field, it will be a hard hit for many companies and firms who use this information in order to advertise for goods and services, try and find potential clients, and those who use data to improve upon their services. 

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