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Are Robots the Future of Employees?

Due to recent technological advances, companies now have the option to invest in new technologies with the ability to improve their production and increase earnings. Car manufactures have been using robots on their production lines for years, although employees are still a crucial part of the process. Other companies are completely replacing workers with robots to get jobs done faster and more efficiently.

The Japanese lettuce production brand, Spread, is revolutionizing the way technology is used in the production of goods. In Kyoto, Japan, Spread is in the process of creating the first farm labored only by robots. The machines in this new indoor growing facility are able to harvest 30,000 heads of lettuce every day. In Spread’s existing facility- with the help of employees- only 21,000 heads of lettuce are produced. The new farm is able to reduce labor costs in half, reduce energy use by 30% and recycle 98% of water used to grow the crops.

Even though this is a huge advancement with the possibility to ensure food security for future generations, there are some aspects to consider. This technology is eliminating many jobs from an entire facility. Instead these robotics open up new demanding jobs meant for someone with the knowledge of robotics or how the technology is able shape the companies future. Are the future of employees robots?

Original Story: “The world’s first robot-run farm will harvest 30,000 heads of lettuce daily” Business Insider, Jan 28, 2016

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