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Artificial Intelligence and Its Effect On Society

Nicholas Orji


One major technological innovation that I see on the horizon that has consequences, positive and/or negative, for global society is Artificial Intelligence, also known as A.I.. Artificial intelligence is a form of technology that is comprised of machine learning concepts and algorithms. It is an attempt to foster machine and computational capabilities to handle the roles and procedures that people have today. There are many positive and negative consequences that Artificial Intelligence can have on our global society. One positive consequence is that there will be many jobs and tasks that can be given to programs that have Artificial Intelligence. This will make harder tasks easier and more efficient. Another positive consequence is that there will be ways to include this technology in education to help with the learning experience. One negative consequence is the possibility of Artificial Intelligence overriding the systems and technology of the world. This is usually seen in science fiction and is often regarded as a myth. However, there have been cases and scenarios of A.I. systems that have shown behaviors of “going rogue”. This means that the A.I. systems were doing certain functions that they were not programmed to do. But these functions were not expected outcomes from the engineers that created them.


Artificial Intelligence will impact and change the way we live, work, and play due to the spectrum and scope of the societal aspects that it affects. A.I. can be used in almost every market and industry on a global level. This is due to the many things A.I. can possibly do if engineered and programmed correctly. This would make it easier to accomplish certain roles and jobs. However, many people believe that this will take jobs away from people. People also believe that it would take away aspects and elements of interactions between people away from the global society.



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