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Artificial Intelligence and the Ripples through Society

1. A major innovation that is on the horizon is the improvement in artificial intelligence. The subject of artificial intelligence has a lot of power behind the meaning of what it will bring to our world. It is more beneficial in terms of its advantages compared to the harm it could bring with its creation. The main skepticism that is associated with the connotation of artificial intelligence is the fear of a thinking system that starts acting rogue. In contrast to this, the outweighing benefits that come with it includes self-help bots for menial task, advanced operating systems that are interactive, and machine learning for systems such as cars. In recent articles, one such article is a NPR one from this week, it has been pointed out that the researchers for artificial intelligence, such as Google and Elon Musk, are in support but are making efforts against advanced robotics. Overall this innovation is one that will be beneficial to the next evolution that our society under goes.

2. The changes that our society will experience will effect our lives from the base all the way to the smallest of details. Our jobs will revolve around dealing with advanced robotics and interface systems that use machine learning to adapt and evolve. This will make our jobs ever changing and should, in theory, alleviate the stress of small inconveniences. For our lives outside of work, menial task, such as laundry, driving, cleaning, and possibly shopping, can be accomplished by robots that are infused with artificial intelligence. In terms of playing games, the simplest application of artificial intelligence is to have machine learning systems implemented on programs. These systems or bots can mimic real players, and eventually provide a challenge as it continues to learn the best strategies to win the game. The application that can be used  from artificial intelligence are limitless, and at this time we are only beginning to scratch the surface.



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