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Artificial Intelligence Changing the World

Catherine Lau

“Artificial intelligence is going to change the world more than anything in the history of mankind. More than electricity. (Lee)” With an innovation as powerful as this, global society is set to change forever. AI technology is the creation of human-like intelligence and decision-making in machines (Rouse). These applications can currently be seen in AI assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri. They are both capable of comprehending natural language and assisting with some of our small tasks such as reporting the weather, setting morning alarms, and writing appointments to our calendars (Gates). 

Given AI capabilities we have reached now, I predict that AI innovations will have a big and positive impact on global society and on the way we live. AI can be seen in the healthcare sector by being able to diagnose humans faster and more accurately by comparing patient data to past sources. AI can provide assistance in the classroom by automating grading and allowing instructors to have more time helping students (Rouse). Cars and other modes of transportation will also have AI technology that will enable them to make safe and quick decisions on the road to avoid any accidents and deaths (Thomas). The products that AI produces has the means to save lives in many new ways.

However, with such powerful tools, the negative impacts should not be ignored either.The bottom 50 percent of the world in terms of income and education will be negatively affected by job displacement (Thomas). In the three work sectors that were mentioned, AI technologies can lead to unemployment with nurses, teachers, and taxi drivers. AI also imposes a risk on human privacy. Many companies are progressing AI by collecting personal profiles from users and monetizing it. If personal and sensitive information collected by the AI lands in the wrong hands, the safety of the people becomes a big issue too. If AI is used irresponsibly, the global society will suffer. 


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