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Implications of the Dow Drop as Omicron Variant Appears

Clare LaPine Wibiralske – Global Corporate Citizenship Dow Records Worst Drop of 2021 as New Coronavirus Variant Rattles Global Market – Written by Aaron Gregg on November 26, 2021 The DOW (Dow Jones Industrial Average) suffered the largest drop of the year on Friday, dropping 905.04 points. The news of ...

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Future of Central Bank Digital Currency

Clare LaPine Wibiralske October 5, 2021 https://www.reuters.com/business/finance/new-money-central-banks-lay-out-operating-manual-digital-cash-2021-09-30/ Last week Reuters News reported that several central banks across the globe are researching plans to open central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) to compete with existing digital currencies like bitcoin. With the rise of digital payment methods, many policymakers worry that the commercial ...

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