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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall

Harry Gregg Nov 21, 2016 https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/dr-gridlock/wp/2016/10/12/if-youre-returning-your-samsung-galaxy-note-7-phone-read-this/ Imagine that you are watching Netflix on your brand new Galaxy Note 7.  Now you do not want the device to run out of battery while you are using it so you keep it on the charger. Soon you begin to notice that the ...

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Automatic Cars will be Cheaper than you thought

http://time.com/4540395/tesla-uber-autonomous-model-s-x-3/   How many of you would buy a car that would drive for you?  Does everyone think that self-driving cars would be extremely expensive?  Would any of you that wouldn’t drive a self-driving car change your mind if it did not break the bank to get one? As you ...

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