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Playing Animal Crossing when we are quarantined

In the past three weeks, millions of people around the world have been forced into quarantine at home against the coronavirus, a large number of them found a game called Animal Crossing, a Nintendo cartoon game. During the coronavirus, social interaction in real life was restricted and blocked, and this ...

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Us stock market fuses again! 4 times in 10 days

www.nytimes.com/2020/03/18/business/stock-market-today.html On March 18, the us stock market suspended trading for 15 minutes due to the intraday fall of more than 7% in the s&p 500 index, marking the fifth circuit breaker in us history and the fourth in 10 days. Before that, on March 9, March 12, March 16, ...

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China built a new hospital in 10 days!

From the central government, the state council issued an emergency order to build a 1,000-bed hospital within 10 days. Then, China institute of engineering design and research completed the construction drawings within 78 hours and gathered 60 designers to set up a public welfare project within one hour. At the ...

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