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Some Social Media is Socially Irresponsible

In the UK, police are accusing some social media companies of alerting individuals who are the subject of police investigations that their information is being gathered by law enforcement.  While there are some companies who refuse or are unable to assist police because of the way their systems are designed, ...

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Scottish Mattress-maker wins UK Social Enterprise Business of the Year

In the UK’s Private Business Awards for 2015, a small Scottish mattress company called Glencraft has won the Social Enterprise Business of the Year (http://www.ft.com/intl/cms/s/0/382476d2-44d4-11e5-b3b2-1672f710807b.html#axzz3nHEkXqF0).  The article notes that the company has been around since 1843 and has always employed the blind or disabled as employees.  However, in 2010 the ...

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