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Big pharma payments for high prescribing doctors

Scott Goodman 12/4/2015 News talk redo MGMT-201 Source: Big pharma payments for high prescribing doctors ~ Yahoo News   In The United States, the healthcare industry is big money. Society hopes that doctors remain ethical in their treatment of patients; however, some fall victim to the monetary payouts.   In ...

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Chinese tourist in Hong Kong dies in dispute over forced shopping

How many of you enjoy shopping? What if you were forced to shop? In Hong Kong, there are tour groups which show you around the city and some of the popular shops for a low price. The trick is that you are required to buy goods from the shops you visit. ...

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United, Air Canada are latest airlines refusing to carry big game trophies

Airlines are starting to disallow the transportation of big game trophies. United and AC are the newest additions to the list that already contains American and Delta. These airlines are refusing to allow the transportation of exotic animals such as lions, leopards, elephants, rhinoceroses, and buffalos. The bans have come after ...

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