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Uber CEO is seeking “leadership help”

https://www.wsj.com/articles/uber-ceo-says-he-needs-leadership-help-after-video-shows-him-slamming-driver-1488347091 About a week ago, the video of the Uber CEO Travis Kalanick arguing with a Uber driver was posted. In the accident, the Uber driver questioned and blamed Kalanick about the fares of Uber black since the driver is not making much money in that the company now has UberX which ...

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Alibaba Declares War on Counterfeit Goods

https://sputniknews.com/business/201701191049765490-alibaba-declares-war-on-fake-goods/ To fight against fake products on Alibaba, the company takes advantage of the online data and advanced technology to shut down the business of fake goods. Chinese eCommerce group unveiled new, hard-to-copy symbols that are similar to QR codes — the square, crossword puzzle-like bar codes that can be scanned and ...

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