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How Can Teachers Use Technology To Help Students Be More Successful in a Classroom Environment

Technology is becoming more prevalent in students’ education now than decades ago. There are 91% of teachers who have computers in their classroom, almost a third of all college students take at least one online course, over 65% of education institutions count online learning as critical for long-term educational success, ...

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Why Leadership Matters in Business

Why Leadership Matters in Business? Leaders are those who have dreams to chase and make them come true. They are the ones who lead the business world where they are well known for their leadership attributes and characteristics, such as Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg. Steve started his Apple Computer ...

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Global Cyberattacks on Big Business

Global Cyberattacks on Big Business According to the article, “cyber-attacks and cyber-crimes against large companies rose up to 40 percent in 2014, a study shown by Symantec. Such as companies with over 2,500 employees were targeted with spear-phishing attacks or email fraud. Small and medium companies are even at a higher ...

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