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Automobile Emissions in the US Under The Biden Administration

            General Motors have recently come out and expressed their willingness to work with President-Elect Biden and his administration to reduce emissions from their vehicles. This is a small step in the Biden administration’s plan to move toward the full integration of electric vehicles. Mary Barry, the CEO of General Motors, has been in contact with California officials as they plan to pull out of policies weakening emission regulations set by the Trump administration.

            The chart shown below taken from the EPA shows that transportation is the leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions making this a crucial issue. General motors has encouraged other companies in the industry such as Ford, Honda, and Volkswagen to join them in their efforts to reduce emissions. The Biden administration has set an ambitious goal hoping that the US will produce zero emissions by 2050 and producing net-zero planet warming pollutants by 2035.

            This material relates to class when environmental regulations were discussed. A key problem with emissions and air pollution is acid rain which can have sever consequences on the environment. The EPA, a government agency, was established in 1970 to regulate air pollution as well as water pollution and land pollution including solid and hazardous waste.

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