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Autonomous Car: A Boon or a Bane

One major innovation that is going to be a breakthrough in the technology highway is self-driven or autonomous cars. There are tons of research and development programs under big banners currently trying to implement the same while keeping it as safe as possible. From a technology point of view, this innovation is amazing but it is dangerous if not implemented correctly and if an accident occurs in this case, there is no one person to be held liable for the mistake. So lawmakers must think of these things in advance before approving real world trials.

I personally feel that this development will have both good and bad impact on the world but the negatives will be overpowering the pros of this creation. The reason why I say is this because self-driven vehicles could potentially give cab companies and other big corporates like Uber and Lyft to maximize their profits at the opportunity cost of drivers being jobless. Not just that, Uber has been working on implementing its own self driven car but it is not going as well as other companies. The project is facing several technical difficulties and to add to it, they have a lawsuit filed against them by a google owned company claiming that their autonomous car idea was some what stolen by Uber and hence the case is going in a direction where uber could have a potential ban on their project.

If this technology is implemented correctly, I am expecting cab companies to heavily invest in automobiles. This will also impact in the amount of human interaction because machines aren’t all-round interactive like humans. But at the same time companies will be able to get bigger profits and provide better deals for the customers and probably more comforts in future.




Written By: Siddharth Sharma, Undergraduate Student at University of Maryland College Park(Bsc. Economics)

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