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Autonomous Vehicles Driving Global Society Forward

Chad Gruzin


July 1, 2016

Autonomous Vehicles Driving Global Society Forward

One major technological innovation that is on the horizon that will have significant positive consequences for global society is the invention and mass distribution of autonomous vehicles.

One of the biggest costs when transporting raw and finished goods is the payment of those operating the vehicle. The ability for a vehicle to drive itself would mean that there is no need to pay a driver, significantly lowering transportation costs for both short and longer distances, breaking down a very basic trade barrier.

Another large affect that autonomous vehicles have on international society is the ability to be efficient with time normally spent focus on driving. In Google’s recent promotion for its self driving car a mother references that now during the time that she normally spent driving around her kids she will actually be able to focus on them and hear about their days instead of having to wait until they are sitting around the dinner table together. This benefit also applies to individuals in the work world. The average commute time for a driver in the United States 25 minutes, during which drivers must focus on the road ahead of them and getting to their job. If individuals were not the ones driving their cars they could use those 25 minutes to prepare for and begin their workday.

One last positive of this innovation is that it would benefit those that are unable to drive for whatever reason. Those who are blind or in other ways handicapped are given free public transportation in many place, however the ability to own a self-driving car would allow those individuals to travel with the same freedoms as anyone with a car.

In conclusion the introduction of autonomous vehicles would have a large and positive impact on global society. Hopefully, this innovation will be commonplace in the upcoming years so that the world may reap its benefits.



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