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Autonomous Vehicles: Will Your Future Children Learn to Drive?

In America, the nature of our competitive market constantly gifts us with the newest technologies that massively improve our daily lives, while drastically changing the way we live them. In the recent past, apps like Google Maps have allowed drivers to navigate and explore new places and locals by offering an easy way to search for and route to any destination. Companies like Google aren’t stopping there; they are actively working on a way to make you, the driver, into a passenger. Google’s self-driving cars have already been seen on the road by many while only causing a problem for few and logging over one million miles of accident-free driving. Given that the prototype keeps getting better, it is safe to say that most of us may own or share a self-driving car in the future. This will significantly impact the way we plan our trips, our commutes, and our nights out. Not having to drive means doing things like completing a presentation on the hour commute to work, or sleeping in a car overnight and waking up at your weekend getaway. More importantly than the convenience, people will be able to avoid traffic violations and overall it would reduce the risk of being injured in an accident. According to madd.org, someone is injured in a DUI related accident every two minutes. Self-driving cars can serve as a designated driver to the public, and drunk driving could be a thing of the past. This technology does come with some economic tradeoffs to workers. If Google’s project can be used to innovate the processes of the freighting industry, an estimated 1.4 million of jobs could be lost. Similarly, service drivers may also see their careers come to a halt, as calling an autonomous car would take a fraction of time compared to calling a cab. Regardless of this tradeoff, self-driving cars inevitable by being more efficient at avoiding accidents, and allowing people the potential to save on gas, insurance costs, and time. Overall, an automated world means extra time to live, create, and prosper.

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