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Big pharma payments for high prescribing doctors

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Source: Big pharma payments for high prescribing doctors ~ Yahoo News


In The United States, the healthcare industry is big money. Society hopes that doctors remain ethical in their treatment of patients; however, some fall victim to the monetary payouts.


In 2010, the Physician Payments Sunshine Act was created that mandated drug companies to disclose their “financial relationships with physicians”. A study was done to examine if there was any correlation between payments and drug prescribing. From August – December 2013, pharmaceutical companies spent a total of $735 million on “non-research” spending such as food, drink, and travel expenses.


The highest “winners” of the pharma payouts where doctors who fell into the 80th percentile for highest number of drugs prescribed per patient or highest cost of drugs prescribed per patient. The doctors who fell below the 20th percentile in these groups sometimes never received any money. The study also found that over 22 percent of the doctors who received compensation from the drug companies prescribed over $500,000 worth of pharmaceuticals to patients.


There is no question that a positive correlation exists between drug prescriptions and payouts. Ultimately, the main question that arises is whether doctors prescribe more pharmaceuticals in search of payments from the drug manufactures or do doctors prescribe more pharmaceuticals because it is the better drug and manufactures reward them with compensation.



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