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Biggest Hack in History- Yahoo

Yahoo, which has yet recovered from the 1 billion accounts that were compromised in the August 2013, recently disclosed that another attack in September 2014 has compromised 500 Million accounts. A total of 1.5B accounts have been compromised in a little over a year. Months after the ongoing investigation, Yahoo alerted users of the information on the cyber attacks that occurred over the past two years.

Last week, Yahoo notified customers that their accounts could have been hacked in the past two years. Yahoo reports at the end of 2016 they were investigating this security breach, but waited two months to contact customers whose accounts could have been compromised. They claim a “state actor” is responsible for the 2014 attacks, but will not release any more details. Yahoo reports this external party did not need passwords, but created fake cookies that unlocked users accounts. The hackers accessed 1.5 billion user’s information such as names, passwords, credit card information, birthdays and sometimes answers to security questions. It is not certain that the same external state party is responsible for the 2013 attacks, but there is a strong correlation. Yahoo is in the process of notifying all users of the recent breach and encourages users to change and create strong combinations of passwords. Forensic experts are in an ongoing investigation on who was involved and how the recent attacks were executed.

This announcement heavily impacts the contract between Yahoo and Verizon. Verizon agreed to purchase Yahoo, regardless of past security breaches. In response to recent reports, Verizon is likely to reduce the price about $250M off the $4.8B deal with Yahoo.

As the world advances technologically, the possibility of security breaches are high. This is Yahoo’s second cyber attack and 1.5 billion accounts have been compromised. In the future, it is vital that Yahoo strengthens its system to prevent potential breaches. This is a major setback for the company and unless Yahoo takes precautions, more security breaches are inevitable.

Original Article titled ” Yahoo Says 1B User Accounts Were Hacked” https://www.nytimes.com/2016/12/14/technology/yahoo-hack.html


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