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Breakthrough App Can Save Lives

After falling from his roof and shattering both his wrist and hip while shoveling snow in 2014, Charles Martin of Indiana immediately tried to call emergency medical services from his cell phone. Despite multiple attempts and lack if strong signal, his calls would not go through, leaving Mr. Martin helpless in the cold for 2 hours until his wife arrived home from work to assist him.

The experience shocked Mr. Martin’s son, Michael. His father could have easily perished under the harsh, cold conditions that day. All because of lack of communication ability. Motivated by this tragic event, Michael decided to create an app that would make contacting emergency medical services seamless. His app, called RapidSOS, makes use of all of a modern-day smartphone’s capabilities: GPS, Wi-Fi, language translation, and more.

With the tap of a button, the app instantly reaches out to the closest 3-digit emergency dispatch centers and provides them with an accurate location of the victim via GPS, using either data or Wi-Fi. The flexibility in data transmitting allows for the app to be used in more than 135 countries, thereby making the app a globally accessible service.

While the app will be able to make money through deals with insurance companies, its mission remains clear: to make emergency calls as quick and simple as possible. In this way, it puts the safety of people before business and profits and has the potential to make the world a safer place.

Source: (http://www.nytimes.com/2015/10/01/business/smallbusiness/a-lifesaving-smartphone-app-inspired-by-a-brush-with-tragedy.html)

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