Buckle In

Flying cars and a flux capacitor by the year 2015. Back to the Future was a little off and the date was a little wrong, but we may be nearing the future Doc Brown hoped for. A massive couple of markets will be getting a wake up call in the coming years. Limo services, taxicabs, uber and even the regular car market are valued well into a billion dollars when combined. A self-driving car will be sure to shake things up in each of them differently. With the average person spending 200 hours a year in a car and the average deaths of 33,000, self-driving cars can change our lives dramatically. It will give potentially 33,000 people a year in the US their lives back, and it will give on average everyone 1 percent of their time for the year back. People could be more willing to start the workday at an earlier time considering they can sleep on the way in. They also might be willing to take a longer time to get to work since they can sit back relax, or do anything else now behind the wheel. It will not be good news for everyone when self-driving cars hit the affordable market. Drivers make up hundreds of thousands of jobs if they can be replaced by software it would be the equivalent to the replacement of the assembly line with robots. That being said when self-driving cars do hit the market it is sure to cause a serious change in our day-to-day lives.

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