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Can Google Glass 2 Provide Better Health Care For Factory Workers?

By Maeline Yang

Image result for google glass 2The Google Glass may be regarded as a previously failed product but Google has not abandoned its unusual expose into wearable technology. Instead of releasing the technology to the entire population, Google has decided to change its target audience and aim for the industrial sector. Production and manufacturing are significant drivers of nearly every major super power economy so its seems appropriate that Google would shoot for the largest business possible.

Google Glass 2 is designed to increase the efficiency of workers in a factory by providing real time data, training and other related information. Google Glass 2 even has integrated solutions which are supposed to assist individuals who have disabilities related to their memory or emotional stability.  Google Glass 2 has many uses in a work setting but perhaps the most notable benefits are the medical aspects.

Google Glass 2 has the ability to assist physicians by removing them from their computers and allowing them to work freely with their patients. AugMedix is a program which works in coordination with Google Glass 2 and can help physicians become more efficient and therefore, serve more clients. With the use of AugMedix, physicians have seen a 30% increase in productivity. Aira is another app that works with individuals who have low vision and have difficulty in their work conditions. Aira can enhance the sight of low vision individuals and allow them to become more efficient in the work place.

The health in the work place improvement that Google Glass 2 has to offer is with HoDei Technology. “Health care costs, one of the most difficult challenges facing manufacturers, continue their steady upward path, growing from 7.2 percent of manufacturing compensation in 2001 to nearly 10 percent” according to The Manufacturing Institute. To combat the rising health care costs, HoDei Technology has provided an app which puts real doctors at the finger tips of workers so that assistance may be provided any time. Thanks to Google Glass 2, workers will now be safer and closer to health care than previously and at a cheaper price making it more appealing to employers.


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