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Can Solar Powered Cars Destroy the Gas Powered Car?

I believe that Solar Energy, in particular solar cars such as Tesla will have an outstanding impact on society and culture. The impact that solar cars will have on the environment, or lack thereof, is extremely positive. Less gasoline and oil will be used which will reduce the negative effects that the human race has had on the O-Zone layer. Less emissions will at least give future generations more time on this earth than we are currently on track for and will also create more jobs in the engineering and solar energy fields. With technological advances and emphasis on engineering and science, our society can progress and flourish under twenty-first century ideas. With more and more research going into solar power, along with popularity rising amongst solar cars compared to gas powered cars it is obvious that this change will impact our society and culture in more ways than one.

Solar cars will drastically change how people interact in everyday life. If solar cars do eventually become the majority of owned cars somewhere in the future, then we will not have a need for as many gas stations. Eventually that would mean that we would depend much less on oil as well, which is currently one of the more valuable exports in terms of worldwide trade. This would also reduce the amount of international conflicts regarding oil, such as the War in the Middle East and would hopefully lead to a more peaceful world. A current prediction states that 35% of cars in 2040 will be solar cars, which shows how fast a majority can change their mind. So how long until all cars are solar powered?

While we cannot predict all of the effects that a disruptive technology like solar cars will fully have on society it is certainly clear that the technology itself is extremely innovative and without a doubt disruptive to the status quo. With endless opportunities and ideas like solar powered cars, the future promises several more disruptive technologies that will replace old ways of thinking with newer, better ways of doing.



Global Solar Market Estimated To Reach $137 Billion In 2020

Electric vehicles to be 35% of global new car sales by 2040


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