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Can we rely on Boeing?

There is an analysis that Boeing’s paused production of 737 MAX can halt American economy by 0.5% in the GDP growth rate early this year.

Recent investigations including ones from the legislative branch discovered that Boeing intentionally hid a critical safety feature from airlines and pilots in order to advertise as the ‘same’ plane with higher efficiency so that airlines can reduce their budgets for newly training pilots for 737 MAX. This habit indirectly caused the two fatal accidents which caused 346 innocent lives.

After two incidents that involved 737 MAX, FAA(Federal Aviation Administration) banned 737 MAX from flying, however, Boeing continued to produce its planes in hope of resume. This minimized impact on their employees and contractors as well as to the American economy until this day. However, it could not evade from criticism on their responsibility for these lives and their immoral behavior that did not put safety on emphasis rather than their advertisement.

With their actions that lacked responsibility, American economy is going to pay the price for it. Although many people ask that how a single product’s paused production can halt the American economy, considering the fact that Boeing is the largest exporter in the nation, it’s no surprise that its suspension of their most on-demand plane can halt the economy.

It is important to revisit the current situation of major manufacturers’ role in the American economy and their intentional business movement that caused 346 lives.


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