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JD is recruiting 20,000 people who can’t work because of Wuhan coronavirus

One of China’s largest e-commerce companies, JD.com (JD.com), yesterday pledged to provide more than 20,000 new jobs to those unable to work because of the Wuhan coronavirus. These workers will get new short-term jobs, including shop assistants, packers and delivery men, among others. At the same time, Alibaba (BABA) launched ...

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McDonald’s in China Renames as Golden Arches

Can anyone come up with a brand when you heard Golden Arches? Recently, Global fast-food giant McDonald’s has officially changed its name in China to Golden Arches. The previous name of the company in China was Maidanglao, which is a Chinese interpretation of “McDonald’s. The decision was made after McDonald’s sold parts ...

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China’s Aid to Africa: Monster or Messiah?

Original link to article: http://www.brookings.edu/research/opinions/2014/02/07-china-aid-to-africa-sun In the article, “China’s Aid to Africa: Monster or Messiah?”, the author presents a cross-examination of the economic presence in China. China’s Ministry of Commerce reported that Chinese investment in Africa grew 2.96B USD from 2000 to 2011. However, according to China Radio International, the billions ...

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