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McDonald’s Prefers to Keep Control

Are you an investor that wants McDonald’s to spin off its real estate assets? Well, you’re not in luck anymore. McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbook released the company’s decision on REITs and plans to move forward. The world’s  largest fast food chain has opted out of pursuing a Real Estate Investment Trust. The risk ...

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The Defeat of Global Poverty Is Capitalism’s Triumph

This article by Marian J Tupy discusses globalization and its effect on global poverty. The author highlights the rise in worldwide standard of living that comes along with globalization, as well as the drop in poverty that is associated with economic growth. Historical background is given to emphasize the role that ...

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Why unlimited vacation is  basically a no-brainer for employers.

Picture your dream job. Does you it have a high paying salary or perhaps an unlimited vacation? Imagine taking as much vacation as you like, as long as you accomplish all of your work in a timely manner. Unlimited vacation is becoming more and more of a reality for many ...

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Shadow companies and the privatization of violence.

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/11672642/Simon-Mann-We-can-use-mercenaries-to-defeat-Isil.html Simon Mann, the leader of the botched “Wonga Coup” claimed that the use of Private Military Contractors or “Mercenaries” would bring about an efficient end to ISIL. Private Military Comapnies (PMCs) are often hired by the government of a nation (usually First World) and/or corporate entities for “security and protection” purposes. However, ...

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India’s Prime Minister to visit Facebook HQ, meet with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg

India’s Prime Minister will be making a trip later this month to Silicon Valley with plans to meet with the tech giant Facebook as well as tour Google and Tesla headquarters.   The event, scheduled to occur on September 27th, will be an important visit for Prime Minister Narendra Modi. ...

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