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China’s delivery sector goes green

Have you ever heard about Double Eleven which known as Singles’ Day in China? In China, November 11th is the largest online shopping day. According to the dates provided by State Postal Bureau of China, the major e-commerce enterprises generated a total of 850 million express orders a day. The postal, express companies handled a total of 331 million pieces. It is no double that hundreds of millions of tons of generated packaging waste is troubling the delivery sector after such a shopping carnival.

However, this year will be kind of different. You may receive your parcels packed by “Shared Express Box”. “The goods are packed in yellow durable and reusable plastic boxes, unlike many others, which are wrapped in one-time use cardboard delivery boxes or plastic bags.” Ye, an employee of China’s leading online-to-offline retailer. After the handing over the parcels to buyers in person, deliveryman will bring the yellow boxes back to the station to be reused. Each of them can be recycled thousands of times which means a 10-year-old tree can be saved.

Pollution and waste are two of the main problems in the domestic express delivery industry. Widely used packaging materials such as tape and plastic bags used in the sector takes years to degrade. The positive effect brought by the yellow plastic box is obvious. We are looking forward the delivery sector become greener, and more ecofriendly.

Article from: http://www.globaltimes.cn/content/1074755.shtml

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